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YGXTAS17 - The Blair Affair

this scene kills me xDDDDD

"Okay, dude, you’ve seriously got issues."

"Okay, dude, you’ve seriously got issues."

YGXTAS - Episode 2

a classic xD

ShadyVox Ft. DMX - Up in Here
239 plays

This song is catchy, I LOVE IT!

Jaden: Come on Syrus, you just need a strategy... You're going to be the best Duelist ever... Chicken strips are better than hot sauce... Hey Syrus, have you seen my Cheetos?... I love you, man. I... I... I so love you right now.
Random Voice: Sir, you are clearly intoxicated you bust me right now!
Jaden: I... Um... fine! it is you, who is cogitate through the cake in!
Random Voice: That's it, I'm gonna get you outta here myself. security!
Jaden: Oh, you have to get your friends to help you, You pussy...

Yugi vs Jaden Rap Battle. 

Best rap of history.

Brb I’m dying.

YGXTAS 15 - Snack Attack