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That’s right ever since I was a genin, I thought I was a full-fledged kunoichi. But I ended up hiding behind Sasuke and Naruto. The two of them risked everything to protect me. I hated the way I was. I swore then, that next time, I would make them stare at my back! That’s what I vowed back then… but Naruto and Sasuke kept progressing faster and faster… so I gave up… thinking it was useless because they were just too strong! I thought I’d never be able to catch up to them, but… I didn’t think about it… and I put entire burden on Naruto, I went crying to you, I held onto you, expecting you to make it all better. While I did nothing and… I just now reached full capacity and I can finally unleash it!

Naruto Shippuden episode 373



Sakura you can finally fight with Naruto and Sasuke! Team 7 Yeah! oh and Sai…let us not forget Sai…I loved how he tried to attack but ended up getting hurt and having Naruto help him. Poor Sai, you tried. 

It was nice to see all the other teams showing their new techniques and how they got stronger.  Shino’s jutsu….EWW.  

I mentioned on my last note about Naruto how I was excited to see Team 7 do their summoning jutsu and I am pleased! ahh they’re just like Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiriya.  What’s good to know is that most of the series will consist of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura in every episode from now on.  The hokages and Kakashi vs Obito will get their fighting/talking episodes, but those should be the characters we’ll be seeing from now on.

Chithekittycat out~~~ 



Naruto shippuden 373

Sasuke Uchiha → Ep.373

Naruto Shippuden - Episódio 373  

Neji…We miss you so much!!! (;~;)

Juro que casi llorè ;_________________;

Neji…We miss you so much!!! (;~;)

Juro que casi llorè ;_________________;

Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto Shippuden episode 373


my guuurl!!

my guuurl!!

you still here inside of me 

Sasuke in next Episode